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Hi! I'm a 21 year old woman (taken, sorry, y'all missing out haha), and you may call me Cat or if you know me IRL then you don't need that info; carry on. I like reading, horses, archery, knitting, drawing, swing dancing, marching band, singing, and laughter. I'm getting into cosplay. I love Adventure Time, Homestuck, MLP, OUaT(IW), RPing, Feminism, and a whole bunch of other things. My blog will be a conglomerate of all these things :D
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AG: 8ut now it’s just a memory.
AG: I guess I must 8e dead.


Harmony by KitsuneHino

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The adventures of me wearing my graphic tees/dresses that have to do with video games or shows while working at Hot Topic. True story today.

Guys, stop doing this. It makes you 20000000 times less likely to pick up a girl. Stop “checking” us and let us love our things. 

let someone do that to me

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click for weird interesting facts on your dash!!

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because of this post eheh

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It’s the one year anniversary of me having this blog! :D

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ferguson police be like

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protesters pointing out the hypocrisy of demanding media credentials and arresting those without yet refusing to address the fact that cops have been operating without badges for days

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We are being taught right now that this hypermilitarized police response to citizens exercising their Constitutional rights is a new normal…When police order reporters to turn off cameras and go home, one can safely assume it’s not because there is no more news to report.
--- Xeni Jardin, journalist in Ferguson. (via mysharona1987)
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